10 April 2014

New Direction for Ottawa Branch Publications

The Ottawa Branch of OGS is pleased to announce the launch of its latest publication as well as a new direction for its publishing endeavours.

The new publication is Renfrew County United Churches, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian: Baptisms 1841-1899; Marriages 1851-1899 [Pub No. 14-01], the second volume in the new “Places of Worship” cooperative project of the United Church of Canada Archives and OGS to be published by the Ottawa Branch. The first volume, Lanark County United Churches, formerly Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian [Pub No. 13-01] was released last year.  The new publication contains a transcription of the baptismal (1841-1899) and marriage (1851-1899) records of former Methodist and Presbyterian churches in Renfrew County. The relevant fonds are for the current Trinity United Church in the Town of Renfrew, Melville United Church in Eganville and the Admaston Pastoral Charge. The publication includes baptisms and marriages in Horton-MacNab, Beachburg, Eganville, Admaston, White Lake, Douglas, Haleys Station, Renfrew and Rockingham. The publication is fully indexed and each entry references the archival fonds and location. Both volumes are available for $30.00 on the Branch Publications List at http://ogsottawa.on.ca/publication-price-list/, which has been significantly redesigned for ease of access.

To mark the occasion, the Branch has re-published the five volumes of the Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Registers Project, for Carleton, Lanark, Prescott, Renfrew and Russell Counties. These were originally published in 2001. They are also available on the Branch Publications List.

The new direction is the move to place all of our publications, current and past, on the OGS e-Store. This means that over the next while the great majority of our publications will be available simply by accessing our Branch Publications List at http://ogsottawa.on.ca/publication-price-list/ and clicking on the “BUY NOW” button which connects directly to the OGS e-store order form and procedure where the publication may be purchased in whatever form it was produced—CD or hard copy. This is not only a more efficient means of obtaining a publication but it also ensures that it is never out of stock. In the meantime, publications which are still in stock will be available by mail order as in the past.

06 April 2014

Special Interest Groups

Computer Special  Interest Group
City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa.
Time: 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. in Room 115.
Meeting Dates for 2014
Saturday, April 26
Saturday, May 31

Irish Special Interest Group
McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy St., Ottawa
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., Craft Room
Meeting Dates for 2014
Tuesday, April 22
Tuesday, May 27 

Ottawa TMG Users Group
City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa.
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Room 226.
Meeting Dates for 2014
Saturday, April 12
Saturday, May 1

DNA Interest Group
City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa.
Time: 9:30 a.m. in Room 228.
Meeting Dates for 2014
Saturday, May 3

Scottish Genealogy Group
City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in Room 226.
Meeting Dates for 2014
Saturday, April 26
Saturday, May 24

Please check the Branch web site at www.ogsottawa.on.ca/ for last minute changes.

Ottawa TMG Users Group

If you use The Master Genealogist, or just want to learn more about it or the TMG companion programs, why not attend the next meeting of the Ottawa TMG Users Group on Saturday 12 April 2014, 2:00 to 4:00 pm in Room 226 at the City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa.

Our monthly meetings are now live on the net and available to anyone in the world! Our web conferencing service is hosted by Join.Me, courtesy of Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.To use the free Join.Me software with audio capability you must download a program to your PC or Mac.  The Meeting ID is ogsottawa.  Click here to view instructions. If you are unable to install or run the application you can join using your browser:  https://join.me/ogsottawa.  There is an Ottawa phone link you will need to use if you are using the browser the option in order to hear the proceedings. The join.me website has a link for alternative numbers for access from other locations. http://help.join.me/knowledgebase/articles/149448-does-join-me-offer-international-conference-number. Once you are connected to the meeting please replace Viewer ## with your actual name & location.

30 March 2014

Trains and Tombstones

I know that there is at least one other person who shares both of my hobbies of Genealogy and Model Railroading. So it seems an auspicisous year to have them both converge a couple of times this year. 

My previous blog describes the participation of Ottawa's genealogy community at the Ottawa Zoomer Show on 26-27 April. At the same time, in another room at the Ernst & Young Centre,
the Ottawa 2014 Train Expo show (http://ottawatrainexpo.com/ ) will be taking place. If you are paying the price of parking, why not take in both at the same time.

Likewise, the Ontario Genealogical Society's Conference 2014 is taking place in St Catharines from 1-4 May (http://www.ogs.on.ca/conference2014/index.php). Not far away at Niagara College, Grapevine Express 2014, the annual Niagara Frontier Region of the National Model Railroad Association Regional Convention, is being held (http://www.grapevineexpress.ca/).

The railroads were a big part of Canadian history and heritage. Many of our ancestors either worked for the railroad, travelled on the railroad or otherwise had dealings with the railroad.

I hope to see you at one or more of these events.

27 March 2014

Ottawa Zoomer Show 26/27 April

The Ontario Genealogical Society, British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) and the City of Ottawa Archives will share a booth at the Ottawa Zoomer Show on 26 & 27 Apr at the Ernst & Young Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive.

The groups get to share 250 free tickets to the Zoomer Show. Below is the link to get a free ticket.

DO NOT Print one if you are volunteering for the event as you get in free. And CARP members also get free admission, so you do not need a free ticket from us.

Print off the tickets for free admission to the show at:

For more information on the show: http://www.zoomershow.com/events/ottawa2014/
Scroll down to see a floor plan and a list of the other exhibitors.

Come on out and drop by our booth to chat about family history.